Image 0 - Percorso Lucomagno - Blenio o viceversa Nr. 36
Image 1 - Percorso Lucomagno - Blenio o viceversa Nr. 36
Image 2 - Percorso Lucomagno - Blenio o viceversa Nr. 36

Percorso Lucomagno - Blenio o viceversa Nr. 36

From the Lukmanier Pass throught the sunny Blenio Valley the road goes to Biasca. Start and arrival destination, main town in the Ambrosian valleys of Leventina, Riviera and Blenio. The lower slopes of the Tales des Brenno are spread with forests of chestnut trees, the chestnuts, once a «poor man’s fruit» are now often left lying on the ground. Emperor Barbarossa once stopped at the Burg Seravalle vor Ludiano (castle), the ruins evidence of its former might.
The whole trail from Biasca to Disentis is 59 km long and the elevation difference is 1750 m. Vice-versa from Disentis to Biasca the elevation difference is 950 m only.
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The route comprises 2 sections, which are also ideal for day excursions.

Stage 1: Biasca - Olivone (Camperio)
At Biasca half the delta is marked by construction work for the Alpine transit route. In the sunny Valle di Blenio the route climbs through centuries-old cultivated landscape, scented flower-filled meadows and terraced walls, with views of snowy summits.

Distance: 24 km
Elevation difference: 780 m
Length 3 hours
Highest altitude: 1244
Region: Riviera and Blenio

Stage 2: Olivone (Camperio) - Disentis
On the traffic-free old road towards Passo del Lucomagno, from Mother Nature’s parklands up to the rugged pass head, boundary between the Ticino and Graubünden. Descent through the Val Medel and Höllenschlucht (gorge) to the monastery village of Disentis.

Distance: 35 km
Elevation difference: 950 m
Length 4 hours
Highest altitude: 1915
Region: Blenio (Lukmanier)

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