Image 0 - Montegreco
Image 1 - Montegreco


Montegreco is one of the oldest alpine farming communities located on a high terrace in Malvaglia with an unrivalled view of over 50 km (30 miles) of majestic peaks. For over 10 years, the Montegreco Foundation has dedicated itself to recuperating the local history and traditions by rebuilding and enlivening the area.

Testimonies to the Foundation’s commitment are the rebuilt Church of San Giuliano (dating from 1624) and its revived namesake procession to the new Chapel Ränch. Among the other works to be admired are the traditional “rascane” for rye, the “sprüch” livestock shelter, the reconstructed traditional bread oven, and finally, the ancient “torba” (typical wooden construction) dating from 1640, renovated into a hostel (nearly complete).

Along the “Sentiero del Sole” (Pönt-Prastinéi-PiughéiMontegreco), in addition to the Foundation‘s projects, you can encounter natural landmarks such as the impressive centuries-old chestnut tree, the glacial erratic boulder and numerous goats who act as if they are in charge!

How to get to Montegreco: from Malvaglia Church, 2h50, or by leaving your car in the car park in the hamlet of Pönt, from where the path via Piüghei starts. Walking time: 1h