Mercato di Como (Italy)

To reach the lakeside town of Como, you need to go past the Chiasso customs office and head towards Milan.


The market here offers all kinds of groceries, cheese from the local region and from all over Italy, cold cuts and all kinds of meat, as well as fresh fish from the lake.

You can also find various specialities, such as salted bread, focaccia bread, and pizza by the slice.

There are always vegetables, fruit, and flowers in abundance.

The market offers all sorts of leather goods, clothes to suit all tastes, shoes, and hats. You can also find all kinds of accessories on offer.

For women, there are stalls with top quality creams, lipsticks, and blushers.

For those interested in dress-making, you’ll find buttons in every size and colour, cotton threads, fabrics, and wool.

If you’re looking for something for the kitchen, there’s a range of cutlery, pans, and coffee grinders.

Last but not least, for those with a sweet tooth there is a vast array of confectionary in a huge range of colours and shapes.


When you need to refuel, you’ll find lots of restaurants and bars along the streets, where you can taste real Italian coffee.


Please consult the customs clearance sheet.



Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8.00 to 13.00

Saturday until 18.00



  • TIMETABLE Tuesday: 08.00-13.00
    Thursday: 08.00-13.00
    Saturday: 08.00-18.00
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