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Matta Beer

The new Matta Beer

In Einsiedeln, in the heart of Switzerland, there has been a family-run brewery in the Brauerei Rosengarten brewery for
over a hundred years.

It is here that we have found the right partner to rethink the breweryMatta: an organic blonde beer brewed in authentic Lager style.

Even lighter and more sincere!

The beer
La Matta is an unfiltered organic blonde with moderate alcohol content. The original recipe, based on organic malt and hops (from selected Swiss and European producers) gives it clean and soft, sweet and slightly fruity notes. The low fermentation and subsequent cold maturation (in "lager bier" style) enhance the cleanliness and finesse of the taste, making it perfect for any occasion. The genuine simplicity of Beer Matta still surprises: light and sincere always!

The collaboration with this brewery will also bring some environmental improvements that are very important to us.
In particular, there will now be the possibility of encouraging the re-use of bottles, which can be returned for reuse in special plastic crates with deposit. In addition, the 20 litre drums for gastronomy and events will be made of steel and can be reused countless times.

We chose the Brauerei Rosengarten brewery in Einsiedeln also because it is a production partner of Gotthard Beer: a new synergy between small companies in Ticino is bor
n. Always with a view to reducing the environmental impact, the transport of beer and packaging to be re-processed will be managed rationally by exploiting the movements to the same destinations.