Image 0 - Lakes of Scai, Segna, Campanitt
Image 1 - Lakes of Scai, Segna, Campanitt
Image 2 - Lakes of Scai, Segna, Campanitt

Lakes of Scai, Segna, Campanitt

Take the train to Biasca, then the Val di Blenio bus to Olivone, and finally the post bus to Santa Maria on the Passo del Lucomagno.

From the Ospizio di Santa Maria (1914 m), a path leads past three magnificent lakes. The first stop is Lago di Scai (2300 m) from where, continuing along the Passo dell'Uomo (2218 m), you reach Lago della Segna (2191 m). Continuing on we come to Piano dei Porci (2210 m) and Lago dei Campanitt (2377 m). From here, crossing the Passo delle Colombe (2381 m), Alpe Gana (1814 m) and Pertusio (1885 m), you return to the Ospizio di Santa Maria. The difference in altitude up to the three lakes is first 386 m, then 190 m, and finally 100 m. The path does not present any difficulty and is therefore accessible with normal mountain equipment.

Refreshments and overnight accommodation are available at the Lucomagno hospice and the Centro Pro Natura in Acquacalda. The Cadagno and Cadlimo huts are available along the hike, but are far from the route.

Alternative routes are possible from Lago dei Campanitt. Across the Passo del Sole (2376 m), you can reach the Canali lakes and then descend in the direction of Casaccia. A diversion from this route allows you to reach Laghetto del Pecian (2323 m).

From LAGHETTI ALPINI TICINESI (nr. 16) published by Banca del Gottardo.

(Photo left: Campanitt; photo right: Segna; photo below: Scai)


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