Image 0 - Grill at the Lake
Image 1 - Grill at the Lake

Grill at the Lake

Participants learn to work together, learn alternative and classic techniques for grilling meat, fish, cheese and vegetables. Each team will be followed by a trainer and the grillmaster will coordinate everything.

Arrival by boat to the grotto, guests will be greeted with a welcome drink. The grillmaster will distribute a brochure with the recipes that will be prepared.

Then the work begins in several stages:

  1. Charcoal grill ignition techniques
  2. Marinating techniques: ancient Ticinese method, northern method with spicy marinade, oriental method with honey
  3. Preparation of fish, shrimp, meats, sea bass
  4. Grilling meat, cheese and vegetables

At the end the guests sit at the table, the cooks serve the dishes. The sommelier will combine 4 wines from Ticino and everyone will enjoy the beautiful evening!

To finish, 4 sorbets drowned in their liqueurs

  • On request