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Chiesa e convento di S. Maria


The Capuchin Friars’s convent in Bigorio, fraction of Sala Capriasca, is located in an elevated position above the village, reachable also crossing the “Via Crucis”.  First of the settlements of the Capuchin Friars in the present swiss territory, it was founded in the 1535.

The adjacent Church of Santa Maria Assunta, rectangular building with choir, dates back to the XVI century and it was consecrated by San Carlo Borromeo in the 1577. Afterwards the ceilings of the aisle and the choir have been made.

On the altar in rococo Style there is a small renaissance table of considerable value, probably a piece of art of a Flemish painter, representing the Madonna with in one hand an apple and carrying the Child on a naturalistic background.

Before the portal of the convent a fresco with San Francesco (XVII century) and around the door angels carrying food that recalls an ancient legend.