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Azienda Vitivinicola Bollani

Currently, 10,000 vines, mostly Merlot, are worked in the villages of Malvaglia, Ludiano and Semione. Most of these vineyards are located in the hills, and are therefore worked almost exclusively by hand with considerably more effort and cost than in lowland vineyards.
Since 2008, a pure Merlot called Impronta has been produced in cooperation with a well-known Sottoceneri winery. With the help of an oenologist friend, they also produce a line of wines called Cà Minola, in memory of their mother's house. The Cà Minola type includes a white wine made from merlot, a white wine blended with six grape varieties and a rosé, and a Cà Minola spumante with 50% merlot and 50% pinot noir.
An additional white wine, Bianco di Tessa, made from interspecific grapes, will be added in 2020.



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