5 hikes instagram friendly

The landscape begins to change, it's autumn in Ticino. A cooler breeze accompanies the hikes in the mountains, but the sun still warms the woods. A palette of colours emanates between the trees and the perfect time for a photo is around the corner. Follow these 5 bloggers and discover some Ticino excursions through their shots.

1. “Go outside and tell everyone your story”

This is the motto of the two filmmakers and photographers Meli & Flo, who have been taking care of their community for 3 years, recommending journeys and excursions. Their purpose is to inspire and encourage people to live the world outside. Follow the two bloggers on their hike to Curzùtt and the Tibetan Bridge Carasc through their video and on @storyflow.

2. A camera, lots of creativity and a breath-taking landscape

This is the perfect recipe of the blogger Joni Hedinger, professional photographer. The landscapes are his beloved subject since 2015 when he decided to buy the first camera. During the journey in Ticino, with his friend Jon Guler, Joni was fascinated from Tremorgio and Morghirolo lake. Discover his shots thanks to his posts on @jonihedinger.

3. Nostalgia of Ticino

Ticino is the second home for Valeria. The travel blogger together with her travel partner Adi, content creator (video), has been running the LittleCITY blog since 2012. They came back to Ticino at the end of summer and this time to discover the Monte Generoso nevère. Follow the travel experiences of Valeria and Adi on @valeriaslittlecity and @adislittlecity.

4. Jon’s adventures

Young Swiss freelance photographer, Jon Guler, discovered his passion thanks to Instagram. Lover of nature and its fascinating scenery, Jon went to discover the Calnègia Valley. Follow his adventures on @jonglr and retrace the hike of the suspended valley.

5. Red and white heart

Natur, travel and photography. These are the blogger Lone’s passion. Of Scandinavian origin, she now lives in Switzerland because she is in love with its landscapes and its nature. Quietness and simplicity are the feelings she perceives during her hikes. Live it yourself by following Lone's tracks on the Monte Tamaro – Monte Lema traverse on @nola.lone.

Bonus Track - On a trip with Travelita

Change your habits? You can and with the blogger Anita and her blog Travelita it is even fun. Weekend hikes, city tours and long-distance trips are the main themes that encourage you to prefer hiking shoes to your own sofa. Discover also the hike from Neggia to Indemini that Anita did on @travelita.