5 swings to try in winter

Have you ever thought about going on a swing on a winter's day? If you haven’t, then you'll find great reasons to do so in Ticino. Ticino's panoramic swings are in fact located at strategic points, easily accessible thanks to routes that can be travelled both on foot and with snowshoes. You can find one in every corner of Ticino: find the one that suits you, get on, and have a swing while enjoying wonderful winter landscapes in peace. 

1. The Morcote swing: sway above the pearl of Lake Lugano 

Located in Morcote, you can get to the panoramic swing from several points in the locality. The characteristic village is actually the ideal setting to head off in search of adventure: the small loggias and picturesque arcades that line the lakefront will lead you to several sets of steps, from which you can admire masterpieces such as the fountain dedicated to the Fossati family and the niches with paintings by Pietro Chiesa. The S. Maria del Sasso church complex will be your final reward: from up there, each time you swing back and forth, you'll feel like you're brushing the bell tower with just the tips of your toes. 

2. The Monte Generoso swing: a spectacular view of the Mendrisiotto region 

Built from completely natural materials using artisanal methods, the Monte Generoso swing offers an unprecedented 360-degree view of the entire Mendrisiotto and Basso Ceresio area. Located a few steps from the Fiore di Pietra ("Stone Flower"), you can get there by rack train even during the winter months, on both weekends and public holidays. So, what are you waiting for? Come and swing above Mendrisiotto! 

Fiore di pietra, Monte Generoso

3. The Predèlp swing: where the Leventina sun shines brightest 

In the Leventina region you’ll find a prime location for swinging: near the Carì tourist resort, you can get to the Predèlp swing, immersed in the pristine setting of the Leventina mountains. The official route will take you from the bus stop in Carì along a sunny route through evocative spruce and Scots pine forests. Within an hour, you will be swaying on the panoramic swing, just a stone’s throw from the "Alla Meta" holiday farm. 

4. The Cimetta-Locarno swing: everything looks smaller from up here  

On the summits of the Cimetta mountain region, right above Locarno, you can take in the entire Locarno area at a single glance while swinging at an altitude of 1670 m. Thanks to the Cardada cable car, you can easily reach the beginning of the itinerary equipped with snowshoes and head up on foot, until you reach the panoramic swing near the Capanna Cimetta mountain hut. Here, the stunning view encompasses the Lake Maggiore basin, the Dufour peak, and the surrounding valleys all at once! 

Percorso Cardada-Cimetta

5. The Nara 1 swing: when you feel the Alps on your skin  

Want to enjoy the Blenio Valley like never before? In Cancorì, you can. In fact, in the Nara region, you can reach the panoramic swing via the official path, ideal for snowshoe enthusiasts. Once you arrive at the chairlift, you'll find a circular path, which, after an initial ascent, continues into the vastness of the landscape for about 3.5 km. At the end, you'll spot the panoramic swing: take a breath, get on, and float above the lower Blenio Valley. Now open your eyes wide: the Adula Alps, named after the highest peak in Ticino, are right in front of you. 

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