5 swings that overlook the world

With the wind in your hair and a breathtaking view. Chestnut wood, beech wood and a woven polypropylene rope. The perfect frame for a shot to remember. Swings created to entertain people in the open air are scattered throughout Ticino. Want to know where the next locations are? Follow @_swingtheworld_ and share your moment #swingtheworld!

1. 46°13'10.8"N 8°34'40.8"E

In the wildest valley of the Locarnese destination, in the Onsernone Valley you can swing in peace and quiet. With a 360° view the swing is just a few steps away from the cable car Zott - Alpe Salei on Pizzo Zucchero.

Swing Pizzo Zucchero, Onsernone Valley

2. 46°27'46.5"N 8°53'09.7"E

In the heart of the Blenio Valley, with a view of the highest peak of Ticino, you can find one of the two swings of the Nara region. Easily reachable on foot from the chairlift that arrives in Cancorì it is located near the bar Pela, at 1,760 m a.s.l., in a small clearing of the Bosco Nero.

Swing Nara 2, Blenio Valley

3. 46°50'83.3"N 8°61'15.6"E

At Sasso della Boggia, at 2,065 m a.s.l., you can swing on the panoramic swing and enjoy the wonderful view of the Gotthard massif! The swing can be reached on foot or via the second cabin of the Airolo-Pesciüm cableway.

Swing Airolo, Valle Leventina

4. 46°15'43.3"N 8°76'77.0"E

And of course there is a swing on the Piazza Giuseppe Motta, on Ascona's magnificent lakeside promenade, with views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

Swing Ascona, lakefront Ascona

5. 45°56'56.1"N 8°55'45.5"E

A few minutes from Lugano, on the top of the hills, between paths and contemporary art, the Parco San Grato in Carona hides a swing with a breathtaking view of Lake Lugano.

Swing Parco San Grato, Carona

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