Image 0 - San Grato Park – Carona
Image 1 - San Grato Park – Carona
Image 2 - San Grato Park – Carona
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San Grato Park – Carona

As soon as you enter these one-of-a-kind botanical gardens you’ll feel you're in an enchanted world where colors and scents make for a truly unforgettable experience.

With a surface area of 200,000 m², Parco San Grato boasts the largest collection of azaleas, rhododendrons and conifers, in terms of variety and quantity, in the whole Insubria region. Between San Salvatore and Monte Arbòstora, approximately 10 km from Lugano, it extends up to 690 meters above sea level, and offers outstanding views over the nearby area, Lake Lugano and the Alpine peaks. While visiting the park you find yourself immersed in an environment with one-of-a-kind natural and decorative characteristics: the large swathes of azaleas and rhododendrons are crisscrossed by five thematic trails: botanical, relaxation, scenic, artistic and fairy-tale, and a sensory path created for the 60th anniversary of the Park in 2017, each one of which reveals different aspects of the park which are renewed as the seasons change.

If you want to take a break, you can stop by the renovated San Grato Restaurant, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view.

The playground is easily reachable and located in the center of the park, amongst rare, impressive conifers. It offers children and adults the chance to play and have fun. The park also features a chapel dedicated to Saint Grato, the Saint invoked against lightning, storms, pests harming crops and to pray for rain during periods of drought.

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Associazione Amici del Parco San Grato
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By PostBus: from Lugano center to Carona, 25 minutes

On request possibility of guided tours of the San Grato Park, for big groups contact Lugano Region Tel. +41 58 220 65 00 On request possibility for school groups of guided tours with educational activities of the San Grato Park.


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