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Conca Bella

We are reopening our restaurant where eating well has been never this easy!

The Conca Bella and it’s staff are ready to welcome new and loyal customers in it’s renewed restaurant.

The same passion for good food and hospitality, the same care for typical local products, for quality and seasonality, but with a new concept of reception and cooking.

After years of being a Michelin star rated restaurant, you now find a new kitchen staff and a new concept.

A renewed restaurant where everything is more free, informal and easy even when it comes to “the tasting menu”.

We are waiting for you and your family!


  • TYPE OF VENUE Restaurant
  • TYPE OF CUISINE International , Ticinese
  • ASSOCIATIONS AND CATEGORIES Clean & Safe , GastroTicino
  • LOCATION Central , On the hill , Quiet , Close to the bus stop
  • GUIDES Veronelli
  • SERVICES Main credit cards accepted
  • VENUES Private parking