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Cantinin dal Gatt

The restaurant is located in an house from the middle of the 19th Century, that invites the guest with vaulted rooms and corners behind the walls of Castelgrande, such as the granite-walled cellar where you can choose the wine or enjoy a good aperitif. The cuisine is based on creative preparations according to the traditions and seasons. Among the recipes the " cazöla ", "luganig e patati bülii" or the "buseca."

Luca and Cristiana change the menu every 2 weeks, depending on the moment, you can taste dishes like wild boar stew with polenta, pulenta Merluzz, crispy cannelloni with aubergines and dried tomatoes with pesto, risotto with Merlot del Ticino, soft cheese and dried beef, beef with spinach and cheese.

Closed Sunday evening and Monday.


  • Timetable Monday: Chiuso/Geschlossen/Closed/Fermé
    Tuesday: 11:30–15:00 | 18:30–00:00
    Wednesday: 11:30–15:00 | 18:30–00:00
    Thursday: 11:30–15:00 | 18:30–00:00
    Friday: 11:30–15:00 | 18:30–00:00
    Saturday: 10:00–15:00 | 18:30–00:00
    Sunday: Chiuso/Geschlossen/Closed/Fermé
  • TYPE OF VENUE Tavern
  • TYPE OF CUISINE Italian , Ticinese