Image 0 - Take your bike on the train with you

Take your bike on the train with you

Travelling by train with a bike is possible, with three different options: loading your bike by yourself, taking your bike as hand baggage or shipping your bike.

Loading your own bike

You can load your bike onto most transport connections yourself subject to purchasing a valid bike ticket. Detailed information.

Connections: in order to find the connections that allow you to load your bike yourself, simply do an advanced search on the SBB online timetable and tick “Carriage of bicycles required (Switzerland only)” in the “Connections” section.

Reservations: they are compulsory during the summer season on trains travelling through the Gotthard Base Tunnel. Purchases can be made at the station or via the SBB app or SBB.ch website up to 5 minutes before the train departs.

Availability: bike places may be limited.

Shipping bikes

Your bike can be delivered to the station and shipped as baggage. Detailed information.

With a valid ticket, you can ship and collect your bike at most stations with a baggage office.

If delivered to the baggage office before 19.00, you can collect your bike two days later from 9.00 onwards.

Bikes as hand baggage

Bikes can be placed in a bag and transported as hand baggage.

The front wheel must be removed and placed in the carry bag together with the bike. It is free to transport bikes as hand baggage.

Detailed information on sbb.ch/bike.


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