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Azienda Baselgia

The Baselgia farm, based on the breeding of ProSpeciaRara cows (Hinterwälder breed, Rhaetian grey), is located at the entrance of the Blenio Valley, in the "ai Grotti" area in Loderio. The cattle are cared for in the stable on the plain along the Golena del Brenno in Loderio from the beginning of October until about mid-June when, depending on weather conditions, the Baselgia family moves to the mountains of Semione, at Alpe di Büvei at an altitude of 1500 meters, for the summer period.

On this alp, thanks to the good alpine grass with which the cows feed, tasty cheeses and cheese are produced. Moreover, thanks to the breeding of some pigs, the company can offer its customers excellent local cold cuts.

Typical products:
Veal and cured meats.

Cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens and domestic animals.

Offer without accommodation:
Tastings and cold snacks (by reservation).
Meeting rooms for 25 people.

Direct sales:

Opening period:
All year.


  • LOCATION In the mountains
  • SERVICES Animals allowed , Restaurant , Direct sale
  • VENUES Private parking