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Wine cellar Cormano

At the end of the 80s we decided to face a challenge: to vinify the grapes of the vineyards cultivated by our family. Three and a half hectares of vineyards in one of the most suitable areas for viticulture in the whole of Ticino, which have been able to produce at least 20,000 bottles of fine wine.

In 1990 we produced our first Merlot of Ticino using the best grapes of the vineyards: 1200 bottles of Beatrice were sold out in a very short time. We taked the courageous choice to build a cellar that could produce wine from all the grapes of the vineyards. In 1996 we concluded the first harvest in the new opened cellar.

Since 1990 we have made great improvements in terms of quantity and quality. First of all we have reached a very good position on the local and international market and second the area of the vineyards has reached the extension of 6 hectares.

Nowadays we are working on the ecological front to reduce the environmental impact of agricultural production, experimenting methods of wine-growing and wine production that are closer to human, while maintaining high quality products.


Opening time: every day on request.

Tasting: Visit to the vineyard, the cellar and possibility to taste the wines on sale, price per person CHF 25.00.


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