Image 0 - Vedetta 1908 - Electric boat
Image 1 - Vedetta 1908 - Electric boat
Image 2 - Vedetta 1908 - Electric boat

Vedetta 1908 - Electric boat

Switzerland's first electrically-propelled scheduled boat returns to the waters of Lugano Lake. The initiative of Società Navigazione Lago di Lugano allows you to navigate in contact with nature, in the name of sustainability, with particular attention to the environment and its protection. The long life of the historic Vedetta motorboat, built in 1908 in Hamburg by the Janssen & Schmilinsky shipyard, is extraordinary. Initially intended to serve the central basin of Lake Lugano with destination Caprino, Cantine and Grotto Pescatori, in 1944 it was acquired by SNL and has transported goods, passengers, tourists, also carrying out special services between April and November 1983 for art lovers visiting Villa Favorita. Its propulsion was first entrusted to a petrol engine produced in Bremen, then to a Mercedes diesel engine and, after the 2016 renovation, it is the first Swiss boat with an all-electric propulsion system, an example of a successful synthesis between past and future.

The service will only be provided in good weather and will be communicated in good time via our land-based ticketing service. All information can be found at www.lakelugano.ch.


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