Image 0 - Valle di Cresciano Forest Reserve

Valle di Cresciano Forest Reserve

Heading uphill from Cresciano, a beautiful valley bottom awaits us after the first crag. Our path follows a historical route alongside the water, passing through a floodplain wood of national importance. The trail through the great trees is truly unmissable. This dynamic and variegated forest resembles a mosaic dominated by the silver fir, Norway spruce, beech, larch, Scots pine and white alder. The silver fir is particularly predominant: it only features in such numbers in a very few southern Alpine sites.

In summary:

  • Area: 637 hectares
  • Altitude: 700-2,170 m a.s.l.
  • Year of establishment: 2004
  • Owner: Patriziato di Cresciano


  • Period: May - October (lower areas). Access point is Cavrì, above the village of Cresciano.
  • You are asked to follow the marked trails. Hiking boots are recommended.



  • VENUES Eco-friendly
  • PARKS AND GARDENS Natural parks