Image 0 - Valle della Motta Forest Reserve
Image 1 - Valle della Motta Forest Reserve
Image 2 - Valle della Motta Forest Reserve

Valle della Motta Forest Reserve

Nature is protected in this surprising strip of land in the modern heart of the Basso Mendrisiotto area. The secluded Motta Valley features an ensemble of woods, ponds, wetlands, streams, meadows and fields, extending into the Municipalities of Novazzano, Coldrerio and Mendrisio. The lovely little Roncaglia river runs through it, populated by water birds. All sorts of different creatures live here, including the freshwater prawn and the very rare Lataste’s frog, which is only found in the Basso Mendrisiotto area. There are also 453 different plant species.

In summary

  • Area: 34 hectares (the Park that surrounds it measures 163 hectares)
  • Altitude: 260-360 m a.s.l.
  • Main trees: ash, oak, hornbeam, hornbeam, black locust
  • Year of establishment: 2004
  • Owners: different


  • Period: all year
  • The path that crosses the Valle della Motta Park is 3 km. The main access point is in Novazzano. The Park can also be reached on foot from the Mendrisio station and from Coldrerio, less easily
  • You are asked to observe the signs, to stay on the paths, to not access the wet areas in any way and to keep the dogs on a leas
  • Guided tours are available on request


  • VENUES Eco-friendly
  • PARKS AND GARDENS Natural parks