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Sasso San Gottardo

SEASON 2023: from June 1 to October 15


Proposals for visits


  • Short or long tour, without guide

Dates, times and tickets online: www.sasso-sangottardo.ch


  • Guided tour, adventure guided tour, guided visit to the fortress, treasure hunt

Dates, times and tickets online: www.sasso-sangottardo.ch


Hidden in the depths of the Gotthard are kilometres of tunnels and huge caverns of the legendary Gotthard Fortress, built during the Second World War and equipped with heavy cannons to secure the national border to the south. Until 2001, the vast underground complex remained in operation as a top-secret military installation.


The Sasso San Gottardo has been open to visitors since 2012.


In the “Exhibitions“ sector, you can admire


  • Giant crystals and a room of wonders
  • Artwork "Gotthard - Swiss Réduit" by Tullio Zanovello
  • Energy room
  • Myth of the Gotthard


  • From 2022: Goethe on the Gotthard


Visitors can reach the military-historical part of the fortress by taking the "Metro del Sasso" funicular railway to see, in its original state:


  • Accommodation for troops, ammunition depot, gun emplacements, machine gun emplacement, fire control centre
  • Exhibition on Henri Guisan, Switzerland's most popular General





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  • OPENING 01.06 - 15.10
  • VENUES Suitable for families
  • MUSEUMS Theme museums