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Ronco sopra Ascona

There is a reason why Ronco sopra Ascona is called „the balcony above Lake Maggiore“. It is renowned for the immense and stunning view over the lake, the Brissago Islands and the surrounding mountains. One of the best and most privileged places to indulge yourself with panoramas is the viewpoint in front of the church of San Martino, in the nucleus of the ancient village on a hill terrace on around 350m.a.s.


The municipality extends from Porto Ronco at the lake shore to the height of 1300 metres in the mountains. In spite of the village's growth, the old center has retained part of its original rustic charm, with narrow alleys, stone steps, and typical arcades between houses. Ronco has always been an artists' village. Antonio Ciseri painted the altar picture in S. Martino church in 1870 where 15th-century frescoes depicting the four seasons can be admired.


From Ronco excursionists can hike further up and extend the panoramic vista with every step towards ‘Corona dei Pinci’ or the mountain hut ‘da Legn’, where overnight stays are possible. Or one might even cross the ridge and descend to Rasa and the Centovalli. The other option is to experience the lake side of Ronco, with its bars and beaches and a trip to the Brissago Islands. The village of medieval origin can be reached from Locarno by bus in just 25 minutes.