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Pasticceria Marnin

Located in the heart of the old town of Locarno, overlooking the attractive piazza S. Antonio, Marnin Confectionery has been run since 1989 by Arno Antognini, who represents the fourth generation at the Ticino pastry shop founded in 1852.

Marnin is the embodiment of the family-run artisan business. Some of the recipes are handed down from one generation to another, as is the case with their short pastry. Today, however, the undisputed specialities of the house are the leavened pastries (panettone, doves, pandananas) and the wide range of macaroons that made Arno Antognini’s pastry shop internationally known.

In 2010, Arno Antognini’s Panettone was judged the absolute best in a test organized by Swiss television in Milan.

Great professionalism, the careful selection of raw materials and an enormous passion for “the white art” are at the base of the creation of each product. Arno’s philosophy is to ! improve the master recipes to ensure cakes that are not elaborate but well-balanced in their structure. Every leavened product, for example, passes through Arno’s hands. The result? A unique experience for the palate, a soft mixture that melts in the mouth, producing the most delicious sensations.

Besides its headquarters, Marnin is located in Via San Francesco, Locarno with the Wooden Oven Bakery and on the lakefront in Ascona with the Marnin Sweet Boutique.