Image 0 - Parco del Penz nature trail

Parco del Penz nature trail

The Parco del Penz nature trail is located in a densely built-up area. Despite this, the forest is of great naturalistic value, both in terms of its individual formations and the overall quality of the area, which boasts a large number of species in a small area.

The trail is suitable for pre-school and primary schools, but also for schools of higher orders thanks to the comprehensive didactic material that can be downloaded from www.percorsopenz.ch
It is certainly a pleasant activity for families.

The route allows you to spend a few fun hours surrounded by nature, even though it is only a few steps away from the city, and can be done without any special training.

The road starts right behind the Penz sports complex, where there is a bus stop and ample parking. Take Via Sottopenz, passing underneath the railway bridge, and enter the wood, following the clearly visible signs.

After a short, steep path, you leave the town behind and enter a pleasant wood, cool in summer and mild in winter thanks to its exposure.

Along the way, there are sufficient benches to rest and admire nature.
The stations do not follow a set order, so the start and finish are also possible from Pedrinate in Via Camponovo, where there is a second entrance.
The route in this case will start with a steep descent, but the total height difference and length are very similar.

At the end of the path, you can return to the "forest types" station and take advantage of a large play area with a grill station.

Educational-naturalistic stations
On the nature trail, children can run and play in safety, but also interact with the games and riddles at the stations and listen to a story via the QR code on the panels.

Points of interest
The educational trail includes the woodland classroom, which is very suitable for environmental education proposals, and the Selva castanile, which has been restored by the Associazione Patrizi Chiassesi.

Practical information
The route is about 2.4 km long with a difference in altitude of about 150 metres, both starting from Chiasso and Pedrinate. The actual walking time is about 2.5 hours at an average pace and does not take into account any rest stops.
Depending on the age and ability of the child, it is possible to walk only part of the circuit.


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