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Officina della Birra

Officina della Birra SA opened as a restaurant and brewery in 1999, bringing to light the world of crafted beer in Ticino.

In 2006, the catering business was sold and establishing with the current manager “Il Birrificio”, a collaboration, which is the basis of our ongoing growth as a regional micro-brewery. In addition, they also carry products from the region of Ticino such as chestnut honey, the “farina bona” from Val Onsernone, elderflowers and must of American grapes.

Since 2019 the Birrificio di Bioggio to celebrate its twenty years of activity presents a new feature: the Tap-room Shop. 
A new shop for tastings and purchases for all lovers of craft beer. The shop is located at the entrance of the brewery.


  • WINE AND CELLARS Tasting sessions