Image 0 - Motto d'Arbino Forest Reserve

Motto d'Arbino Forest Reserve


In summary:

  • Area: 334 hectares
  • Altitude: 527-1'680 m a.s.l.
  • Main species: beech, spruce, birch
  • Year of establishment: 2015
  • Owner: Patriziato di Arbedo


  • The Motto d'Arbino Forest Reserve is not directly open to visitors. There are no marked and properly arranged paths within the same area.
  • The area is generally steep, with numerous jumps and landslides. It is advisable to follow the path that leads from Aragno (660 m.) to Alpe Motto Arbino (1680 m.). Offers numerous views of the protected area.
  • The ascent takes 4 ½ hours, with a total height difference of about 1300 m. For an overnight stay we offer the Capanna del Gesero (1774 m.). From the Capanna del Gesero and Motto Arbino, paths lead to the nearby Valle Morobbia.


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