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Monte Comino

Monte Comino is situated on a wide, natural terrace in a very sunny location that opens onto the picturesque Centovalli. On Monte Comino there are a couple of “rustici”, surrounded by unspoilt nature, rich in fauna and flora. Monte Comino can be easily reached with the scenic Centovalli train to Verdasio and that is interlinked with the modern cable car.

Walking on one of the scenic trails the visitor enjoys formidable views on the set of Monte Comino, down on the picturesque Centovalli, but also far as the Monte Rosa massif. Sitting on the mountain huts terrace is a must for anyone who wants to admire the panoramic splendor, while tasting the local cuisine. Near the arrival point of the cable car there is the church of Madonna della Segna, which can be visited. And the peat bog on Monte Comino is the living space for many typical plants and animal species.

Monte Comino is a starting or endpoint for various hiking routes. A known trail leads via Costa through the characteristic cluster of old houses and renovated rustici of Pila to Intragna, where one can climb on the highest belltower of Ticino. Or people seeking even better views can cross the ridge behind Monte Comino and end their excursion in the Onsernone Valley and return by Bus.


The cable car that connects Verdasio with Monte Comino runs usually between April and November.