Market of Cannobio (Italy)

Lungolago, +39 0323 71 212

Cannobio is the first town encountered over the border when travelling from Brissago. You can get there by car, passing through the customs checkpoint at Madonna di Ponte, or by boat from Locarno or Brissago.


It is home to one of the region’s most typical markets. Foods of all kinds can be found there, including cheeses from this region and the whole of Italy, cold cuts and meat...

Timetable Sunday: 08.00-13.00
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Visit the traditional markets of Ticino as well!

Timeless flavours Stroll amongst the stalls, discover rare objects or try local products, while browsing the markets, for example in Bellinzona. Lamps, paintings and books, as well as vegetables, cheese and wine: a real paradise for treasure hunters.

Tel.: +39 0323 71 212
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