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A visit to the Hungerforts (you can see some of them in Camorino or in Sementina), is a thrilling plunge into the past to remember a difficult and turbulent period for Ticino. The fascinating nature trail allows visiting the Forts of hunger in Camorino and is a perfect walk for those who want to spend a few hours of peace and silence surrounded by nature and in an atmosphere suspended between past and present.

The forts of hunger are cylindrical towers created in 1853 with a dual purpose: to be part of a defensive system against Austrian attacks but also to give employment to many refugees expelled, on the orders of Marshal Radetzky, from Lombardy. The construction of the forts had in fact employed about 500 people for a couple of years, becoming an important source of employment and income for the region. Today these characteristic facilities represent an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the view from above the region of the Magadino Plain.

An educational trail that lasts forabout two hours follows a section of the line of defense of Dufour in Camorino. Along the way, it is now possible to see five towers (Ai Scarsitt, Ai Munt, Ala Pélera, Al Sass del Camósc and Al Pian di Bur), some in ruins and others restored. The route, equipped with road signs and information panels, goes through vineyards and forests and offers beautiful views of the Magadino plain, Pizzo di Claro and all the Bellinzona region.