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Grand Tour of Switzerland - Mendrisiotto and Basso Ceresio


In our region...

The tour begins in Chiasso, a city that many people pass through without stopping, but which has numerous fascinating cultural and architectural attractions to offer, as well as plenty of vineyards and breathtaking views over Penz hill. It then makes its way to Vacallo, at the mouth of the Valle di Muggio, an ideal place to visit a wine shop.

Following a series of scenic bends looking out over the surrounding landscape, the route comes to Morbio Superiore. Visitors can now choose whether to head down to the Parco delle Gole della Breggia or continue on to Castel San Pietro, one of the municipalities with the most vineyards in the canton, crossing the impressive bridge that links the two sides of the Valle di Muggio.


After passing through Castel San Pietro and stopping for a break at the Chiesa Rossa or Chiesa di Obino viewpoint, the itinerary continues towards Loverciano, crossing the road that climbs up to Monte Generoso. It eventually comes to Mendrisio, the chief town in the area, home to the Accademia di Architettura and the famous FoxTown outlet, as well as various museums and art galleries. The historic old town is well worth exploring.


After skirting the old town, the itinerary comes to the historic and popular Cantine di Mendrisio district, before heading down towards Capolago, where we find the former Tipografia Elvetica printworks, which has now been transformed into an art gallery. It is also worth considering a visit to the historic baptistery in Riva San Vitale or taking a break at the large lido.

However, the official itinerary continues in the direction of Melano, where we find a number of campsites, an art gallery, an internationally renowned winery and a lido with a great beach volleyball court.


Shortly after Melano we come to Maroggia. Its centre is a well-kept secret, concealing a very pleasant lakeside walk, just a short distance from the lido. The tour through our region ends in Bissone, a very characteristic lakeside village that was the birthplace of Francesco Borromini. It boasts narrow cobbled alleyways and a particularly scenic lakeside swimming pool with wonderful views over Monte San Giorgio.