Image 0 - Gnocchi - The recipe

Gnocchi - The recipe

Wash and cook 1 kg of potatoes. Peel them, mash them, and let them cool for a while. Blend with about 300 gr of white flour, 1 egg, a handful of sbrinz cheese, and no salt. When the doe is soft, form rolls as big as a finger, and cut them in pieces of about 2 cm. Boil some water with salt, and add the gnocchi. Let them cook for 3 or 4 minutes.

Take them out and let them drip, season with roasted butter and grated cheese. If you wish, you can also add tomato sauce.


From "Le ricette della nonna" (Grandma's recipes), collection of recipes from Ticino edited by Noride Beretta-Varenna and Giovanna Sciaroni-Moretti, Dadò Locarno Editions.


A dish loved also by children!