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Image 1 - Getting around with the PostBus
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Getting around with the PostBus

PostBus is the market-leading bus company in the public transport sector. Its distinctive features – the three-tone horn and the yellow Postbuses – are an integral part of Switzerland’s cultural identity. The PostBus brand is synonymous with reliability, security and trust.

Scheduled routes
Whatever the season and with any weather conditions, PostBus, Region Ticino, guarantees a public transport service on 70 regional lines and 5 urban lines (Bellinzona). The PostBus network is an important link in the overall mobility chain as it ensures local connections to the rail network. You can consult the timetable at any time by clicking on www.postbus.ch .

Group reservations (10 people or more) on regional lines must be made at least two working days in advance by e-mail to [email protected].

For l’Alta Leventina and l’Alta Vallemaggia, please contact the numbers listed below.

Alta Leventina (Airolo-Bedretto / Airolo-Nante / Ambrì-Lurengo)
Monday – Friday  //  Tel.: +41 91 973 30 33  //  Fax: +41 91 873 30 39

Alta Vallemaggia (Cevio-Bosco Gurin / Cerentino – Cimalmotto / Bignasco-San Carlo / Bignasco-Fusio / Peccia-Pian di Peccia)
Monday – Friday  //  Tel.: +41 58 453 93 19  //  Fax: +41 58 667 55 07

Extra trips
From a comfortable, modern coach to a minibus, from a service vehicle to a nostalgic “old-timer”, thanks to its section “Viaggi e Vacanze”, PostBus is able to organize extra trips in order to meet special requests made by customers. With PostBus, your excursion will be a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Reserve a vehicle with a driver to meet all your transport needs so that you can fully enjoy your stay in Ticino.

Request a quote directly from: PostBus Ltd., South Sales Support, Tel +41 58 341 11 53, [email protected]