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Gandria is an unspoiled, picturesque lakeside village at the foot of Monte Brè.

Perched on the steep mountainside it is a community of narrow streets, inaccessible to cars, with a delightful surprise round every corner.  Many tourists and locals enjoy the boat trip from Lugano and the walk back to Castagnola on the Olive Path along the lake shore. At Castagnola there’s the possibility of visiting the Museum of Cultures or simply proceeding on foot to Lugano.

The town’s centre that is closed to traffic is an oasis of peace with its picturesque tiny streets and stairs that offer glimpses of great views and gorgeous landscapes. At the centre of the town there is the 16th century church of San Vigilio with its outstanding baroque interior and the high late-medieval belfry.

On the lake opposite Gandria, one finds the Museum of Swiss Customs that is located in a locality known as “Cantine di Gandria” that may be reached by boat. Along the trail from Cantine di Gandria to Caprino there are several grotti, an ideal place to take shelter from the heat and to have the opportunity of getting a taste of the typical Ticinese cuisine.