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Funiculars & Cable Cars

From the palm trees to the glaciers, enjoy Ticino!

In Ticino is very easy to reach mountains peaks. Thanks to more than 20 cable railways and cable ways it is possible to admire the beautiful panorama without hiking for hours on the mountains.
From the city to the mountain in less than 20 minutes it is possible from Locarno to Cardada – Cimetta or from Lugano to San Salvatore, where you will have the sight over the entire region. Enjoy a breath of fresh air after your business with your team!
For the most adventurous the mountain stations are the perfect point of departure for unforgettable excursions walking or by bike.
For the more romantic, it is possible to enjoy a lunch or a dinner at the summit, enjoying the view. After a day of workshops and seminars, it will be a real pleasure to enjoy a breath of fresh air.

The most beautiful peaks


  • Monte San Salvatore: The majestic mountain San Salvatore (912 m) rises into the sky of Lugano, offering a unique perspective of the lake, the Lombardic plain and the magnificent range of the Swiss and Savoy Alps. The roof of the church surprises with a stunning 360° panoramic view.
  • Piotta – Ritom: With a gradient of 87,8 %, it is one of the steepest aerial cable cars in the world. The funicular takes visitors to the spectacular Piora Valley, one of the most intact areas of Ticino. It is an ideal point of departure for many fascinating hiking excursions.
  • Monte Tamaro: It is the occasion to experience alpine emotions only a few steps away from the city, April through November. Besides hiking and admiring the breathtaking view, on Mt. Tamaro visitors can visit the Santa Maria degli Angeli chapel designed by Mario Botta or have fun at the adventure park.
  • Cardada Cimetta: A short trip aboard the red gondola from Orselina to Cardada and then by two-seater chairlift to Cimetta.  There is a breathtaking 360° view of Lake Maggiore, the surrounding valleys and the Alpine chain as far as Dufour Peak.
  • Monte Generoso: A wonderful 40 minute train ride through unspoiled landscape brings visitors to the summit, where one of the best views of Ticino awaits. On top there is a restaurant with accommodation possibility, an astronomical observatory, a cave where visitors can admire remains of cave bears extinct 20,000 years ago, didactic paths, etc.