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Fun with water in Ticino

Summer, blue skies, sun, luxurious plants in bloom. The green with its fragrances enchants us all and demands a stop. Close your eyes. You are sea-dreaming. Reopen them: welcome to Ticino, the Mediterranean corner of Switzerland, welcome to the shorelines that embrace the central area of the lakes.

From Locarno to Caslano, passing through Castagnola, Melide but also Astano, you need only pause a moment to calmly select which beach to visit. Lugano, Locarno, Ascona are naturally the top names on the list because of the notoriety of the localities and the extension of their beaches, but the list also includes some other high-quality places, smaller in dimensions but all part of the grand offering of the region!

And what about the 80000 m2 of lakefront on Lake Maggiore, shaded by centuries-old trees and 600 m of sandy beach? The Ceresio also welcomes you with its fine sand beach leading directly to the lake. Nor should we forget the sandy banks of many rivers that in places offer astounding pools of water with micro-beaches.

Ticino is generous but above all organized and well-equipped, and it offers so much for adults and children, who can play and cool off in pools dedicated to them. And what's more, between a dive and a swim, there is room for a beach volley match and for healthy laughter watching the children on the playground and the young boys showing off on the springboard.

Water is also a physical activity, which can be satisfied in sports centres that offer ideal conditions for sport, fun and recreation throughout the year, in the midst of that special pre-Alpine environment that perfectly restores mind and body.

And when the sun fades, lights and good music come on: shores and beaches don evening wear to enjoy a good aperitif and meet friendly new people. In brief: in Ticino shores and beaches are worth a visit, while your "thoughts"... stay offshore!