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Cevio: houses, gardens, squares and grotti


Glimpsing its appearance in the past under the cloak of the present.

Today the village has a wealth of well preserved historical features, including the attractive square surrounded by 19th century houses. The village comprises several communities scattered over almost three kilometres, some of which deserve to be highlighted. Boschetto has retained the ancient rural village structure as if time had stopped there in 1700.
Also of great interest in the historic part of Cevio are the buildings from the eighteen hundreds bordering the lovely square as well as the large, fine homes backing onto the rock. Two of these buildings, originally belonging to the Franzoni family, house the Vallemaggia ethnographic museum.

An ancient assembly was documented in 1230 and has always played a central role in the valley. In 1972 the schools complex was opened to accomodate all the valley's middle school pupils.