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Starting from a wide collection which includes more than two thousand works from the great masters of modern and contemporary art, Artrust deals with divulgation, through accurate free exhibitions, sharing and loaning, through loans to museums and scientific collaborations with researchers, and trading, through the direct sale of paintings and sculptures.

Along with fine art, Artrust also offers a vast choice of silver pieces (tastevins, tea and coffee sets, funnels, decanters, corkscrews and champagne buckets) all representing different times and styles. Watch lovers will also find rare pieces, from pocket watches to wristwatches that have been produced by some of the most famous Swiss watchmakers.

Nevercrew - Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni- is the duo Swiss street artist active since 1996 and were included in 2015 in the list of the 100 most influential artists by Graffiti Art Magazine.

From October 16th to 22nd, they have returned to Ticino to create a mural work on the building that hosted the exhibition “Street Art. From Basquiat to Banksy, the kings of the street”, by Artrust, which called “ Disposing Machine”.

"Disposing Machine" has as subject, one of their favorite symbols, the whale.

Nevertheless, everybody can recognise a whale, thus it gains a nearly mythological connotation: it is something deeply rooted in the collective imagination and yet so far away that only a few people can really experience it.

The whale is for us a symbol of the relationship between mankind and nature as it carries its whole history, the manufacturing overwhelming power, exploitation, dehumanization and pollution, while maintaining at the same time a strong empathic and communicative value as almost iconic and decontextualized living being."

Credits Images - Nevercrew
© “Disposing machine” – Pittura murale realizzata per Artrust a Melano (CH), 2017 - @NEVERCREW


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