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Monte San Salvatore

A few steps away from the frenetic pace of the city, the Monte San Salvatore stands tall in the Lugano skyline and allows you to enjoy a moment of serenity letting your eyes wander off to infinite horizons. It is a destination that can satisfy the needs and desires of all; gourmet, sports, cultural enthusiasts and nature lovers can all relish in the unique and unforgettable emotions of Monte San Salvatore.


The trip up the funicular from Lugano Paradiso offers a splendid panorama that gets wider as you climb up. The view expands beyond the boundaries of the entire Ticino Alps; from Monviso to Monte Rosa, the Bernina, Monte Legnone and to the south, the Apennines. Once on the summit of Monte San Salvatore, the landscape is particularly prodigious because it stretches to 360 degrees outlook of Ticino Mountains of St. George, Monte Lema to Monte Tamaro and Monte Pizzo Vogorno to the north. Adula, Camoghè, Denti della Vecchia, Boglia, Bre , Monte Caprino , Sighignola and Monte Generoso also fits in the wide view from Monte San Salvatore. The Peak Restaurant, with its rooftop terrace is a perfect place to relax and have a bite to eat in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Lugano.

The Monte San Salvatore is a perfect destination for outdoor lovers. Several trails allow you to enjoy all the features of slopes of the mountain, weather it is walking in unpoilt surroundings or hiking in the rugged forest. From the top, you can also walk down along the scenic trail that leads to Carona. Trying out your climbing skills is also possible on the Mountain for both experts and beginners. To learn more about the history of the Mountain, do not forget to visit the Museum of Salvatore, which has a space devoted to caving for those who want to explore more.