Image 0 - Olive path, Gandria
Image 1 - Olive path, Gandria
Image 2 - Olive path, Gandria

Olive path, Gandria

This path was built in 2002 by ‘Friends of the Olive Tree’ ‘Amici dell’Olivo’ to revive the cultivation of olives and the production of olive oil, which was once an important activity on the shores of the lakes south of the Alps. The path threads its way through several little plantations of young olive trees between Gandria and the centre of Castagnola, the whole set in a landscape of rare beauty.

Along the way you’ll come across several examples of very old trees such as the famous ‘Olivo di Carlin’ near the landing stage at Gandria. 10 metres high with a 45cm diameter to its trunk, the tree dominates the surrounding lake. The path is indicated on green signs and winds along the lakeside for about 2km. At intervals along the way there are information panels explaining (in 4 languages) the history of the olive tree, its cultivation and its products. The idea of reviving an ancient tradition in one of the loveliest areas by the lake was welcomed with great enthusiasm. Sentiero dell’Olivo offers a walk through lush country with impressive panoramas as well as useful information to help the visitor understand the whole business of cultivating olives.


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