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Capanna Pairolo

For most people the Capanna Pairolo is one of the many stops in a fascinating journey in the pre-Alps of the Sottoceneri region. But there are people who come here simply to observe and photograph the beauties of the local flora. The region is well known for several species of rare flowers and plants.

Not to be forgotten is the fact that at a half an hour’s walk from here, you’ll find the Denti della Vecchia, which with its dolomitic rocks offers 123 different ascent routes with varying degrees of difficulty to mountain climbers. On days with good weather, from the terrace right in front of the hut, it’s possible to see the Monte Rosa massif and recognize the peaks of the Vallois Alps, among which even the Matterhorn. The hut also has a climbing wall with 111 grips, 2 main anchorages, special rings (direct ascent), with the possibility of shifting to one side; the material necessary is available on site.

The hut has a large dining hall with 80 places, a big fireplace and a small kitchen for visitors, and showers. You can get a taste of delicious local dishes.

Historical note
The Mountain hut owes its name to the valley in which it is situated. In fact, the shape of the mountains in this area must have made the ancient inhabitants of the lower Val Colla think about a melting pot or “pairö”. The hut now belongs to the Ticinese Association of Mountain Climbers but was built at the end of the Second World War. Renovated and enlarged for the last time in 1997, it remains a hut that has few city comforts but with a great atmosphere.

NOTES Possibility of getting hot meals prepared by the keeper. Telephone. Shower. Cleaning service. Bed linen at disposal. Play ground. No smoking house and rooms.

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  • SERVICES Linens provided , Restaurant , Breakfast service
  • SPORTS AND WELLBEING Suitable for cyclists
  • VENUES Suitable for families