5 routes to the exotic

It doesn't take 80 days or even a bet to go around the world. Just come to Ticino! There are many routes to discover, but from Oman to Utah it only takes a moment. Get on the Express to the Orient, travel to Tibet, and then find yourself in Rio de Janeiro.  These itineraries will allow you to follow your destiny and complete your great adventure in this little exotic corner that is Ticino. 

1. The turquoises of Oman nestled among the rocks of Ticino

Turquoise waters like precious stones and ancient rocks immersed in narrow valleys make the scenery in the Park of the Breggia Gorges, in Morbio Inferiore. Here a journey through 200 million years of geological history and 2,000 years of human history unfolds. 

2. Liguria is closer than it seems

Who said that it takes more than 3 hours from Ticino to Liguria? You can get there on foot! Starting from Monte San Salvatore, with a hike, you can reach the beautiful and colourful Morcote, the Pearl of the Ceresio. 

3. En route to the East

Many want to uncover the secrets of the Centovalli... Through hiking trails, deep gorges and wild mountains or by sitting comfortably on the Express to the Orient, here known as Centovallina: the possibilities are numerous and the experience is unique.

Intragna, Centovalli
Centovalli, Lago Maggiore e Valli

4. The Yosemite Valley just above Locarno

With its rocky slopes, streams and beautiful waterfalls it almost looks like the Yosemite Valley. Instead, it is called Val Bavona and is a magical place to explore either on foot or by bike. Nature, peace and harmony reign, giving the valley an almost fairytale feel. 

5. To Tibet on foot

Even at our latitudes you can find a small piece of Tibet. At a height of 130 m above a stream and 270 m long, stands the Tibetan Carasc bridge. Different landscapes but similar thrilling sensations. 

Ponte Carasc
San Bernardo Church

Bonus Track - With Rio de Janeiro on the background

Monte San Salvatore belongs to Lugano just as the Sugarloaf Mountain belongs to Rio. These emblematic mountains watch over the surrounding landscape and from their peaks you can enjoy breathtaking views. To admire it from afar, follow this itinerary through charming villages and nature.