Animals rule!

Visit Ticino for some family fun and enjoy a whole range of activities where animals play the lead role. From mammals to birds of prey, you will be sure to find a variety of species your kids will love.

Visit the falconry, where a spectacular display of raptors will be sure to sweep your kids off their feet. Then, go for some eco-friendly fun in the Bolle di Magadino nature reserve and chill out with the local wildlife at the Pro Natura Lucomagno centre.

If you’re a horse-lover, take a ride out to the international horse show of Ascona. Don’t bet on the donkeys being quite as majestic as the horses, but you won’t want to miss out on the famous donkey-race. Or you could drop in for some local fun and see the farm animal exposition at the Fiera di San Martino fair.

If you love animals, you’ll be glad to know that in Italian Switzerland, you’re in a realm of animals. Fancy joining them?

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