Ticino Ticket

Discover culture in Ticino

Discover all you can do with the Ticino Ticket regarding the theme of culture. Museums, parks, gardens and events. Find the cultural attraction that's best for you!


Ticino: a treasure to be discovered

UNESCO also stops in Ticino. Bellinzona’s three castles and fortified walls, the charm of a lost world dating back more than 200 million years and a living tradition. With the Ticino Ticket you can discover the locations chosen as World Heritage Sites.


You can visit the Fortress of Bellinzona and the Mount San Giorgio, which are both UNESCO sites. Don't forget the Holy Week Processions in Mendrisio and a walk through the beech woods of the Lodano Valley. Dig into the culture of this corner of Switzerland!


Not just culture! Discover also art with the Ticino Ticket

“Art needs room to breathe in order to have the right effect.”

Cultural Ticino

Churches, museums, architecture, events, book tours and more. Culture pairs with nature in this amazing corner of Switzerland.


Ethnographic museums in Ticino

In Ticino, the ethnographic museums, scattered throughout the territory from the bottom of the beautiful valleys to the shores of the lake, are an important historical and cultural wealth.