Important note


Wolves are generally shy animals: they usally avoid humans. An encounter with the wolf is therefore very rare. Since the wolf has recently resettled and is spreading in our region, it is advisable to take precautions when you are in wolf territory. There is hardly any danger if certain rules are observed - neither for playing children, nor for hikers, mountain bikers or for those enjoying other leisure activities.

  • Respect the habitats of all wildlife: always move along the designated paths, use the marked areas.
  • Keep dogs on a leash or control them at all times – they could be considered intruders or prey.
  • Never leave food or food scraps lying around - these could attract wolves.

If you do encounter a wolf, it may not have noticed you – they usually retreat immediately.

  • Always remain calm.
  • Call attention to yourself with a calm and firm voice.
  • Do not approach the wolf.
  • Retreat slowly and in a controlled manner.
  • Never pursue the wolf - not even to photograph it.
  • Report the incident to the forester.

Livestock guarding dogs

During hikes or walks it is possible to encounter dogs - especially if protecting a flock, may react aggressively. Therefore try to avoid areas controlled by livestock guarding dogs.

Observe a few basic rules:

  • If you are on a bike, it is recommended that you dismount and push your bike slowly.
  • If you have your own dog, avoid pasture areas and always keep it on a leash.

Do not go hiking without being prepared! You will find all important information and contact details of the shepherds under the following links:

If you encounter sheepdogs, follow a few rules:

  • Keep calm and show disinterest. Speak in a firm voice but do not shout.
  • Wait for the dogs to calm down
  • Do not turn your back to the dog, at most turn sideways. Try to keep your distance.
  • Never look the dog directly in the eyes.
  • Do not allow yourself to be surrounded if you are facing a pack.
  • Leave the area patrolled by dogs by showing neither weakness nor threat.
  • If you have a stick, show it but never in a threatening manner.
  • If the dog attacks you, crouch down and protect your throat, face and torso.
  • Wounds should always be disinfected and a doctor should be consulted.