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Theathral show - Forbici Follia

The Guinness World Theatre Comedy Thrill Ride

The world's funniest interactive show in which the audience decides the ending! The spectators, eyewitnesses, force the actors to improvise and decide each night who the murderer is.
The play changes every night and you won't only have to see it once!

The story takes place in the hairdressing salon 'Scissors Madness'. A murder is committed upstairs. After the timely intervention of a police commissioner and a special agent, four suspects (the hairdresser who owns the shop, a suburban hairdresser, a self-styled antique dealer, and an upper-class client) are forced to defend themselves against the murder charge. From this moment on, the commissioner will ask for the help of the only witnesses present at the scene of the crime: the spectators. The latter will be actively involved during the investigation, which will lead to the solution of the case, and to a different ending, chosen by the audience, at each performance.

Scherenschnitt (in German, the artistic ability to cut paper with scissors) is a text written by a Swiss psychologist interested in the processes of interpreting reality. Born as an interactive drama text for the deep reflections it provoked, it turned into a comic piece every time the spectators were called in as witnesses and began to interact with the story.

In 1976, Bruce Jordan and Marylin Abrams rewrote the text in the form of a play, creating a sort of provisional plot that leaves room for the actors on stage to improvise. Scissors and Madness is an interactive comedy thriller that has entered the Guinness Book of World Records, having broken all records for stage length in numerous cities in the United States.
In the show, everything from the set design, to the masks in the theatre, to the audience itself are elements of the show. The sensation that the audience will have, as they sit in the auditorium, is that of being seated as customers in the shop.

When the commissioner, after the crime has been committed, asks for eyewitnesses, the audience becomes the real protagonists.
With the lights on, the spectators will have to answer the commissioner's questions, tell what they saw, ask the protagonists questions and have their say, and in the end decide who the murderer is.

An ending that is decided every night by the audience in the auditorium, a script that is turned upside down every night; the strength of Scissors and Madness is that it is never the same and thus allows the spectator to return to the theatre several times and see a different show every night.



Alberto Barbi

Translation from the original
Alberto Barbi

Assistant Director
Selene Colucci

Lighting and Audio Project
Michele Decarli 

Set design
Davide Sperandio

Flavio Sala
Alberto Barbi
Federico Gariglio
Sarah Paoletti
Emilio Romeo
Marco Scarfo'
Valeria Spagnuolo
Massimiliano Di Paolo

Paolo Meneguzzi's Pop Music School
Alberto Meroni

Single ticket CHF 25


  • OPENING Sat: 20.30
  • CATEGORIES Theatre