Image 0 - Spring concert of Alto Ticino Choir
Image 1 - Spring concert of Alto Ticino Choir

Spring concert of Alto Ticino Choir

The Alto Ticino Choir (CAT) is pleased to offer its spring concert on Saturday 18th June at 5.30 p.m.., at the Auditorium Casa Cavalier Pellanda in Biasca. An aperitif will follow.

The choir was founded in 2021 on the initiative of Claudio Sartore, an accordion and piano teacher and choir director, who was able to enthuse and involve a group of friends in this new experience.

They are six sopranos, three altos, two tenors and four basses, most of them with choral experience behind them, some of them skilled musicians, united by their passion for singing and their desire to progress under the expert direction of this 'tried and tested' maestro.

Popular and dialectal songs, light music, classical and sacred literature, songs from every corner of the world...: a varied and colourful repertoire for this vocal group that meets regularly in Lodrino for the pleasure of singing together and with the aim of offering concerts and emotions to the population.

Free entry

Guest: Happy Jazz Quintet

The quintet "made in Ticino" spontaneously explores the boundless space of standards and Latin Jazz, tastefully retracing the legendary stages of the American jazz repertoire. The arrangements and the brilliant improvisation skills of its members make this group, which was formed in the early 2000s, an interesting and original proposition.

The historic nucleus composed of Giotto Piemontesi (piano), Valerio Felice (drums) and Bixio Stefanoni (double bass) is joined by two wonderful musicians Mirko Roccato (saxophones) and Claudio Sartore (accordion).