Image 0 - Spring concert of Alto Ticino Choir
Image 1 - Spring concert of Alto Ticino Choir
Image 2 - Spring concert of Alto Ticino Choir

Spring concert of Alto Ticino Choir

Concert: Alto Ticino Choir (CAT)

Direction: Claudio Sartore

Dongio, Parish Church, Saturday 11 May 2024, 8 p.m.

Guest: Bellinzona Accordion Orchestra

Presentation CAT Choir

The choir was founded in 2021 on the initiative of Claudio Sartore, accordion and piano teacher and choir director, who was able to enthuse and involve a group of friends in this new experience. It proposes popular and dialectal songs, light music, classical and sacred literature, songs from every corner of the world...: a varied and colourful repertoire for this mixed vocal group that meets regularly in Lodrino, for the pleasure of singing together and with the aim of offering concerts and emotions to the population.

Presentation of the Bellinzona Accordion Orchestra

The Bellinzona Accordion Orchestra was founded in 1966 by maestro Luigi Rattaggi, who conducted it until 1992.

It is currently under the direction of Maestro Paolo Vignani, full professor and holder of the accordion chair at the Conservatorio Gioacchino Rossini in Pesaro.

The repertoire ranges from classical music pieces, film themes, ballads, to the elitist ambience of jazz.

Most of the pieces in the repertoire have been specially arranged by Maestro Paolo Vignani for the orchestra's current line-up.

Coro Alto Ticino and Orchestra di Fisarmoniche Bellinzonesi: two different ensembles, different repertoires and instruments, but in common a great passion for music, an emotion that the audience will be able to feel and share.