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Skyrace Lodrino-Lavertezzo

The popular mountain and cross-country Skyrace Lodrino-Lavertezzo competition is now in its 14th edition.

Departure from Lodrino (primary schools) at an altitude of 262 m and arrival in Lavertezzo piazza 536 m, 21 km that develop in 2190 m of ascent and 1860 m of descent. The first kilometre takes place on an asphalted road through the old village centre of Lodrino, and then takes the steep path through the Lègri mountains at 582 m.

The trail continues extremely steep for 5 km until it reaches the Alpe Alva. Alpe Alva at an altitude of 1570m will be the finishing point for the Vertical race. At 1570 m, continuous ups and downs follow for 3 km that lead to the Alpe Negheisc area at 1900 m, after which the last demanding ramp is climbed to reach the Forcarella di Lodrino at 2200 m, the summit of the traverse.

The descent first runs along a very steep grassy path, then gradually becomes gentler in the direction of Alpe Fumegna at 1810 m, then takes the Pincascia valley, which after the first km still steep descends gently to Lavertezzo via Pincascia-Forno-Cugnera. Intermediate control points on Monte Alva and at Forcarella di Lodrino.

The race starts at the Lodrino schools at 8 a.m.


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