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From Autumn 2022 to Spring 2023 the OSI at the LAC will be presenting ten evening concerts featuring superb repertoire.

With the greatest conductors and soloists on the international scene, including Julia Fischer, Garrick Ohlsson, Charles Dutoit, Krzysztof Urba?ski and of course the OSI’s Principal Conductor Markus Poschner.

Concert calendar:

29 September 2022

-Michele Mariotti conductor, Marc Bouchkov violin; works by S. Prokofiev, J. Brahms

20 October 2022

-Markus Poschner conductor, Benjamin Grosvenor piano; works by E. Grieg, D. Shostakovich

10 November 2022

-Krzysztof Urba?ski conductor, Garrick Ohlsson piano; works by W. Kilar, F. Chopin, L. van Beethoven

24 November 2022

-Markus Poschner conductor, Christian Gerhaher baritone; works by G. Mahler, P. Hindemith

15 December 2022

-Robert Trevino conductor, Bomsori violin; works by G. Ligeti, L. van Beethoven, C. Ives, R. Schumann

16 February 2023

-Charles Dutoit conductor, Anastasia Kobekina cello; works by A. Honegger, F. J. Haydn, R. Strauss

2 March 2023

-Krzysztof Urba?ski conductor, Julia Hagen cello; works by A. Dvo?ák, L. van Beethoven

16 March 2023

-Markus Poschner conductor, Julia Fischer violin; works by J. Brahms, P. I. Tchaikovsky

30 March 2023

-Gergely Madaras conductor, Maxim Rysanov viola; works by O. Bianchi, B. Bartók, F. J. Haydn, G. Ligeti

20 April 2023

-Markus Poschner conductor, Coro Clairière voci bianche; works by O. Bianchi, P. I. Tchaikovsky




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