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Morcote Scal

A spectacular race through the narrow streets of Morcote and the magnificent monumental steps leading from Piazza Granda to the Church of Santa Maria del Sasso. A non timed but knockout race that will put even the strongest runners to the test. 420 steps of history and breathtaking views!

Among those registered (100), the batteries will be drawn. 20 batteries consisting of 5 runners. The first two of each battery qualify for the next battery. The last three finishers will be grouped in the tie-breaker batteries. Everyone will then be able to run and measure themselves against each other at least twice on the steps.

The race was devised by Pierre Derrien, who has lived in Morcote for eight years. Pierre uses this course several times a week for training and also taking inspiration from the disciplines at the Olympics, he decided to create a competition with the same energy. Thus the Morcote Scal was born, an uphill race where you directly challenge your opponent from the starting line in the extraordinary setting of Morcote's 'Monumental Climb'.


  • CHF 35.-


  • Registration will be limited to only 100 participants.


  • OPENING Sat: 14:00 – 19:00
  • CATEGORIES Sports events