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The Mangialonga is the most anticipated wine and food event, but also the one most relative to the territory, its products and its actors.

Mendrisio is the most common of vineyards in Ticino therefore it is decided to start the hike of food and wine from the 2015 Market Hall at 8.00.

Groups of people will walk towards Corteglia and reach Castel San Pietro, to then return to Mendrisio through the Hill of Olives.

La Vineria dei Mir has signed an agreement with Arcobaleno to allow participants to reach the Mangialonga Mendrisio using public transport for free.

For all those who can not attend the event, we note that from 10.00 to 22.00, the Market Hall will become a large market for products that will be offered at the stops of Mangialonga.

With any weather.





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